Cannachiloma Small


Don't have a perfect place to store your beloved cannabis and the necessary apparel or tools to enjoy it?

Well, look no further because here's the solution to your problem! It's Cannachiloma, the new way to stash your grass with class AND everything that goes with it!

The Cannachiloma Small is made of strong Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) wood that is responsibly harvested. All Cannachiloma container sizes have a strong magnetic lid that doubles as a rolling tray for a mess free sessions.

In our patented magnetic grid Cannachiloma container system  can choose the Add-ons that are right for your style of cannabis use then snap the ones you need out of the container and into the rolling tray lid when its time for you next session. 

Bring sophistication to every session and order with confidence knowing our patented magnetic grid container system will work with any and all future add-on upgrades and designs we will release. 


Height: 4.75"
Length: 10"
Width: 5.5"

Price: $142.00

***Add-Ons pictured not included

***Add-Ons sold separately