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The Next Gen Dug Out
Never Go Without With Our Magnetic Upgraded Dug Out
The Box Box XL
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The Bud Box
Container to show and store your Cannabis with Class!

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Cannachiloma Mini
Cannachiloma Small
Cannachiloma Medium
Cannachiloma Large
Cannachiloma XL
Cannachiloma Mega
Add-On: The Vaper Vault
Add-On: The Dug Out Holder
Add-On: The Burner Band
Add-On: The Bud Tinder
Add-On: The Dual Gram Jar Jacket
Add-On: The 4oz. Jar Jacket
Add-On: The 8oz. Jar Jacket
Add-On: The Dabber Delight

The Next Gen Dug Out

$46.00 $64.00

The Bud Box

$46.00 $54.00

The Bud Box XL

$64.00 $72.00
Silicone Tray - Dabber Platter - Large
Silicone Tray - Dabber Platter - Medium
Silicone Tray - Dabber Platter - Small
Silicone Tray - Bong Buddy - Large
Silicone Tray - Bong Buddy - Medium
Silicone Tray - Bong Buddy - Small
Roach Clips
Roach Clips
From $3.00
Magnetic Patient Pride Badges
Clear Top Ball Jars - 4oz & 8oz

The Cannachiloma Color Chart

Choose from our 22 Colors offered for every product! Match your style and design your custom color choice set up that fits you best today!

Cannachiloma Definition

Canna•chiloma: (n.) latin; A Storage Device For Your Cannabis and Cannabis Paraphernalia.

More than a company name and brand, Cannachiloma is an actual term made up of two latin derivatives for Cannabis users of all varieties.

We appreciate your continued support as we continue our efforts to make Cannabis more user-friendly and acceptable recreationally.

Order your's today and start "Bringing Sophistication To Every Session" and "Putting The Class In Stashing Your Grass!"

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Cannachiloma, LLC  - Est. 2016

2836 N 36th St. Ste 4, Phoenix, AZ 85008

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P: 480.420.0152


Feel free to contact us about placing custom orders online or make an appointment with our artisans to visit our store front you are looking to get extra creative with you Cannachiloma set up!